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My knee has no cartilage left and eventually will have to be replaced.. Went to see her for two more treatment in the following week and she concluded that I was cured at the last treatment. Zeng because I had a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing lots of pain in my shoulder and arm. She is a very kind healer who really cares about her patients. Michael 5/15/2012 I sought out acupuncture for my anxiety and found Dr Zeng. She really cares for her patients and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her." Carol 8/19/2011 My experience with Dr. Her initial consultation is free and I fully expected to return for treatments, however, she was able to assess my condition and offer techniques for self-care. Zeng focuses on the patient's wellness far beyond 'routine' medical practices. Lili Zeng is a critical part of my wellness strategy. I tried everything, chiropractic care, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medicine. Acupuncture can not replace the knee, but it has reduced the pain and swelling to tolerable levels. Zeng has become a good friend and totally confident with her treatment. Over the past two years, I noticed that the medication no longer worked well without increasing the dosage. Zeng asked many questions regarding my health, diet and life style. I went for 10 weeks of acupuncture and took the herbs (pill form) she recommended. It's almost a month now, the pain has never returned. Zeng has a strong background in traditional Chinese medicine plus years of trainings in western medicine. I would recommend her to anyone with symptoms like mine. Zeng for relief of carpel tunnel discomfort in my hand, wrist, and forearm. Zeng's holistic approach and treatment strategies brought me relief and pain management in a matter of weeks. I highly recommend trying acupuncture for any problems you are experiencing Jessica 1/13/2012 Dr. She really listens to and cares about her patients. After a series of 11 treatments I am completely looking and feeling like my self again. We can provide a mechanical bull rental for your special western theme party, or any type of occasion.A trained operator accompanies the bull and we require all riders to sign a hold harmless release form. We deliver bounce houses, water slides, and carnival games all over South Carolina, but mainly Columbia and Lexington areas.She is a true healer and she made recommendations for me which shows me my heart does hold a rainbow. I suffered from extreme back pain and numbness in my legs and feet for weeks, having 4 different doctors tell me to go for physical therapy. A combination of acupuncture and cupping techniques is helping me. After a year of discomfort and terrible sleep, I finally decided to give acupuncture a shot. Zeng is very kind, and she was accomodating in scheduling my appointments. I opted to have the treatment immediately after the consultation.

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She is honest in what patients can expect from her treatments and provides a completely complimentary in office consultation in order to make sure her patients have the necessary information in order to make an informed decision regarding treatment via acupuncture.

I'm a 61 year old man with very severe arthritis in my neck, shoulders, back, feet, and hands. Zeng explained how far acupuncture would be able to help me because of the deterioration of my joints etc. I had 7 treatments and have much better flexibility in my neck and shoulders and my lower back pain is gone.

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My orthopedic doctor suggested having both shoulders replaced but I'm not ready for that road at this time. My hands have improved and feet are feeling better also. Zeng for acupuncture has been the best thing for me and my depression and anxiety, after years of counseling, and drugs that did not help me to feel better, with no self esteem, no desire to get moving or even at times getting out of bed or leaving the house and afraid of almost everything, she has given me my life back and there is a spring in my walk and am eager to get out and be part of the world again is the best thing to happen to me, I am alive and do not have to hide now. I do not believe I could of done this without acupuncture.