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Arisaka type 99 #1 (I own)Series 4, Nagoya Stamp, no subcontractors. All numbered parts match (bolt,reciever,buttstock, metal Bands. guys look at price books and think thats what they should get for guns ,,and it doesn't happen very often ,,books are guides and sometimes the values can be acheivable but everything has to be right and a collector must really want the item being offered ,,a gun dealer at a gunshop would proably offer the guy maybe around 100 bucks at best for the rifle and thats not before he sees it,,last ditch correct rifles are a version of the **** rifles that if correct with matching numbers can still bring good money to a collector ,,but some people think these rifles are inferior ,,whats inferior is that these were made and assembled in small factories or even in houses because of the bombing that was going on at the time and the factories were prime targets so the japanese resorted to production on a smaller scale to keep the rifles churning out ,,production was reduced to simpler features such as fixed sights ,,wooden buttplates that were nail on ,,and crude finishes,,just to mention a few ,,a **** action is one of the toughest actions that was made in there time and alot of testing was done to TRY TO BLOW ONE without sucess,,i'm not saying that last ditch rifles are good to shoot but the japanese were smart enough that they didn't want to loose troops by building a rifle that wasn't for dateing specific rifles ..records show the years of production but i don't know of a good source for getting info on specific rifles ,,this site is where i go when i have a **** rifle and it's as good as i have found to date the link doesn't work for ya do a search on japanese rifle markings and look for the site with bbrown in the address) now for prices on your bayonets ,,there are some rarer bayonets that will bring around 150 or - but most common manufacture nagoya or kokura will average in the 75 -100 range with scabbard ,,if ya have the correct frogs then ya can sometimes add anothe 20-30 depending how nice they are ..i see the bayonets pretty rgular at gunshows and flea markets in the 60-75 range without the frogs ,,i also sometimes see them over 100 but there slow movers at these prices ..,,in closeing japanese rifles and bayonets have jumped quit a bit in the past 10 years but serious collectors are pretty pickey what they spend there money on and just because a rifle has the mum intact or partially intact doesn't mean they want it ,,because the rest of the rifle has to be right also.... I too used the brown markings sheet, but beyond that... Bore (chrome)Excellent, Overall cosmetic very good at least. Bayonet #1 type 30 (I Own)Nagoya arsenal code (same as rifle) no subcontractor. Blade and sheath blued finish and both 90-95% original finish. in a collectors eyes sometimes it's better to be all matching without the mum .to be mismatched with a mum.. Original cleaning rod present as are anti aircraft sights and are operational. Would about 0.00 be a safe/fair price considering the ambiguity? Metal sheath no dents, but blueing only good to very good. Leather frog (dual loop)present and in good shape and intact. Bayonet #2 type 30 (I Own)Toyoda Loom Works under Nagoya supervision. and just because it has a mum doesn't make it a collectors item!! By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the Site Terms, acknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility. Bore excellent and overall cosmetics are very good. ), but asking me to purchase sight unseen in short period of time. I know the ranges, but can someone tell me more info to narrow to more specific dates? just because you could be buying a pig in a poke,,at 295 i'd pass if he's firm and tell him it's way too much for a mismatched rifle...Of all these rifles, the Type 38 long rifle and Type 99 short rifles were the most common and were the rifle most likely to be encountered during the war in the Pacific.There were various sub types, like the 6.5 Type 97 sniper rifle based off of the Type 38 long rifle, the 7.7 Type 99 sniper rifle based off of the Type 99 short rifle, or the 6.5 Type 1 take down paratrooper model converted from Type 38 carbines, but these rifles were rare specialty rifles and only several hundred to several thousand were made of any of these versions. Click for more info 30-06 cal; excellent bore, very good stock, M1C receiver marked SA-52, 1-52 barrel, mounting holes for MIC scope mount have been plugged.

Use the "Email" link next to an item if you want to ask any questions before buying.ground mum or mismatched rifles value in the 125-200 range if the overall condition is good or better,,, bigcurt Ty BC for the reply. Add to Favorites Free Registration Tutorial Videos Contest New Today New This Week Articles Gun Appraisals Affiliate Programs Free Targets FAQ's - Contact US Gun Links Click here to tell a friend about us. Springfield M1 Garand Rifle Type II National Match 7.62X51 (.308). Prior to the Vietnam War the United States Navy re chambered their ... Click for more info US Military 30.06 Springfield M1 Garand. Barrel was armorer replaced using a Springfield armorer high quality barrel marked 3/48, CMP muzzle measure grading ...Current Catalogue - Daggers & Knives This catalogue is updated quarterly, however new items often arrive between updates.

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