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Really I am very ignorant that this is how the girl masturbate. I don't want what I did out of ignorance, curiousity, and depression and only for a two month period affect my health negatively or break my hymen. And please tell me whether i should visit a doctor to see why i still give water from down or not? I am very afraid really and frustrated and not sleeping.

However, even in cultures where this idea can still be widespread, there are people questioning and opposing it and other dubious, sexist or harmful ideas about or approaches to virginity.Usually when people say someone is a virgin, they mean they have not had any sexual partnerships.In some cases, they may allow for someone having had sexual partnerships, but not penis-in-vagina intercourse. I even never knew anything about girls and guys masturbation. I entered accidentally one of the sex sites and most probably out of curiousity about a new thing, depression, and much free time.I did this only about two months but I chatted and masturbated several times in a day. Really I never did this my whole life and I am very frustrated and afraid.

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In medical reference books, we won't find a definition of virginity like we'll find for dermatitis or a given nerve or muscle, because virginity is neither a medical condition nor is it anatomical (a body part).

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