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Chatting masturbation

If the corona was not at least somewhat worn away -- if small openings in it had not started to form -- then a young person with a vagina would not have any menstrual flow, because it would be trapped behind that membrane.That can happen, but it's rare, and when a hymen is that resilient, it often will not wear away with intercourse, either.I hope you would be able to answer my message as soon as possible. I have passed through the site and decided of asking you some questions maybe you could help me. My age is 26 and I never had ever sexual intercourse because it is against our traditions here. I really never knew this is masturbation i am really ignorant about that. Also, Another important question came to my mind: May a girl break her hymen only from chatting dirty many times in a day for a month or two month. I started chatting dirty(no voice) with these guys and I watched some. I noticed that i gave water from under when I chatted dirty or watched a guy and I become very jelly like down there.Instead, it gradually wears away, like water wears away the surface of a rock over time.But I can absolutely assure you that getting excited and chatting did not have any impact on your hymen.Changes in lubrication like that are not causes of vaginal infection.I have yet to hear anyone define the loss of virginity as a woman getting excited, looking at or touching her own anatomy or talking about sex with others.

However, even in cultures where this idea can still be widespread, there are people questioning and opposing it and other dubious, sexist or harmful ideas about or approaches to virginity.For those who get excited and choose to masturbate or have genital sex with a partner, that lubrication is part of what makes any kind of sex feel good.And because our vaginas clean and adjust themselves over cycles of several days at a time, it's possible to get very lubricated one day, and a couple days later still find the consistency of your vaginal discharges is a little bit different.I also have not generally heard anyone say that someone who masturbates is not a virgin, even in very traditional cultures or communities.In cultures, communities or individual ethics where virginity is a big deal, what people usually mean when they talk about who is and who is not a virgin is who has or has not had a sexual partner.

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The hymen -- now called the corona -- is folds of thin, flexible membrane just inside the vaginal opening most have at birth.