Cheating in dating relationships

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Cheating in dating relationships

She would put off her own interests and friends to spend any free minute with you. If she’s now off doing her own thing all the time, it might be a sign it’s with someone else.

You Can Smell It On Her It’s the equivalent of lipstick on a man’s collar.

Her Reactions To Texts If she’s cheating, you’ll have a lot of time to observe her texting – remember, she’s obsessed with her phone now.

Does she blush, giggle, or give cheeky smiles to her screen? Also note whether she makes these gestures while sitting around thinking. She Has Become Miss Independent When you first started dating she would count down the hours until you could be snuggled in bed together.

A New “Friend” On The Scene Notice a new friend that your partner seems to always be hanging out with?

If they just seemed to appear out of the blue and your girl can’t get enough of texting, hanging out with, and talking about her new buddy, they could be her new side piece.

This is especially true if it’s during moments when you should have her undivided attention, such as eating dinner at a restaurant, or cuddling in bed watching a movie.

Her Schedule Doesn’t Seem To Include You If your girl suddenly has a whole lot of nights out with the ladies planned, or mysterious work functions that never seemed to exist before, she might be cheating on you.

You’re Constantly In Trouble If she seems to be upset with you 24/7, it could be a sign she’s comparing you to someone else who is properly servicing her needs.

Try to talk to her openly to figure out what exactly she thinks you’re doing wrong and assess whether her complaints are reasonable.

It could be a window of opportunity to change your relationship in a positive way.

And, let’s be honest, it’s usually pretty obvious anyway! The signs are usually a little more discreet and rooted in a need for change within their existing relationship.

While men frequently cheat out of pure sexual desire, women tend to betray their partners when their current relationship is not serving them in the way that they need.

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A Sudden Attachment To Her Phone If you notice that your partner no longer leaves her phone lying around the house and is constantly attached to it, she could be hiding something from you.