Dating a girl with bad teeth

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I can understand not wanting to date someone who doesn't brush at all, but to not date someone because of the way their teeth look is just silly.I was sort of dating for a very short time, one of my sister's guy friends and he had a terrible overbite. I understand that it costs a bundle amount of money to go and get it fixed and that he might not had afford it because he has a son and he was a single dad at the time. My God, its only teeth your talking about, get your wallet outand help pay for the mans teeth to get fixed!!! If a guy doesn't think enough of himself to look good for you then I would let him go. He should know how bad he looks unless he doesn't have a mirror.I can't get it up for teeth that are too small or jack-o-lantern-like with spaces in between.They don't need to be perfect but certain teeth really turn me off," says Amelia, 34."When I see a mouth full of bad teeth, all I can think about is how much that mouth smells like sh*t, and all the rotting that's constantly going on.That being said..reference to it being heredity...sorry but that's not all together true either..parents both had false teeth when I was a kid...because they didn't floss and they got infections...guess brothers now have false teeth'm proud to say I have never, at 34 yrs of age even, had a cavity. I'm the person sitting in my car at a red light flossing if I feel like I didn't do it well enough earlier. My love life sux and I'm sure my teeth aren't helping. They don't have to be perfectly straight...they have to be clean and white and none visibly missing!! Sorry if it makes a person sound shallow but knowing that proper brushing and flossing will not result in a nasty grill makes it hard for me to take a person seriously when they have said messed up grill.Bottom line..hygiene is much like any other hygiene.don't brush and floss..else do you neglect to wash. I have brushed, flossed, and used mouth wash at least three times a day since I was a small child, but I was "lucky" enough to be born with teeth with low enamel, resulting in them breaking easily.

But then there are those who want your teeth to sparkle, at least a wee bit."I'm picky about teeth.He could have brushed his teeth for ten hours a day and they would have still been black as it is all the way through the teeth.Not everyone would have the money to get porcelon veeners to hide them.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

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