Dating after mastectomy chubby asian dating

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Dating after mastectomy

A Special Guest Blog Post by Nikki Panico, Executive Director Susan G.

Komen Southeast Wisconsin I am reaching out to share my experiences, dating after a mastectomy.

However, something I do not talk much about are the challenges of being a single woman in the dating world after having major reconstructive surgery on my breasts.

After my tumor was removed, I chose to have a double mastectomy.

I was shocked by the men who posted pictures of themselves with their shirts off, selfies exposing their six-pack abs.

I quickly passed up these profiles as I assumed that they were looking for that kind of perfection in return and would never be interested in an extensively scarred, nipple-less woman.

There is something so liberating about everything being out in the open.

The fact that I have scars and no nipples is impossible to hide.

From the minute I decided to look for a relationship, finding a man who would be okay with my breasts was paramount on my mind.

I’d read and re-read profiles, trying to determine if I could find some clue deeming the man was sensitive enough to learn about my breast cancer journey, but also not looking for physical perfection in a woman.

• When you are ready move away from the “Carrie Bradshaw Syndrome”.

If you watched “Sex and the City”, you’ll remember that Sarah Jessica Parker never would do a nude scene so every time she had sex on the show she’d have a bra on.

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What I quickly learned is my experience is not unique and my six months of online dating, coupled with my discussion with other breast cancer survivors, left me with surprisingly wonderful lessons: • Self-esteem takes a lot longer to grow back than hair.

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