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Statistics suggest about one in five relationships begin online, and it is estimated that by 2040, seventy percent of long-term relationships will have its roots in online sites.

According to the National Survey of Children’s Health, biological parents and adoptive parents who are married report less parenting stress (48.9) than single mothers (52.1), biological parent/stepparent families (52.0), or “other” family structure (50.6) such as single fathers. Research on the Alignment of Marital Outcomes and Mental Health.” Available at

With a world of romantic and sexual possibilities dictated by a single swipe of the finger, are there negative side effects online dating can have on your mental health?

Swipe right to find out how online dating can cause depression, anxiety, and lower one’s self-esteem if a dater is not mindful of their potential partner(s).

A recent study by the UK mental health charity Time To Change found that 57% of single people would not date someone with a mental illness. 'It would depend on the situation.' Mental illness is treatable, and if the girl in question had sought help for her illness and had learned how to manage it such that it had minimal or no impact on her life, then I'd feel privileged to date her.

When the study was published, numerous people tweeted or Facebook messaged me the results, and expressed their disappointment and disgust about the stigma surrounding mental illness. To not do so in this particular situation would be to stigmatise her - i.e.

The survey sample in this age range represented a population of nearly 49 million young people nationwide. According to the General Social Survey (GSS), always-intact married adults are less likely than married, previously divorced adults or unmarried adults to believe that most people would try to take advantage of others. Benjamin Malzberg, “Marital Status in Relation to the Prevalence of Mental Disease,” 88, no. As cited in California Healthy Marriages Coalition, “Healthy Marriages, Mental Health. We know you’re sick and tired of being lonely and this is why you have come to the right place.For a slight upgrade amount, we provide a webcam video chat and other features as well.

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Lee, and Hiroshi Ono, “Marriage, Cohabitation, and Happiness: A Cross-National Analysis of 27 Countries,” This chart draws on data collected by the General Social Survey, 1972-2006.