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Dating flirt me up

When you’re dating a flirt you’re dating a woman that’s insecure. I’ve been with women like this that still need validation from other men, and I wasn’t jealous at all. If you’re dating a flirt you have two choices – roll with it or confront it. Either way, do nothing you’re not going to know exactly where you stand. She needs constant reassurance that she’s attractive and desirable. She needs it; she needs the validation from other men.

This is just to say, if you don’t agree with your premise, then you must accept my insult on your character.Make sure it is an active email address that you check regularly!", "error_email_unknown": "We didn't recognise your email address!I feel you have a double standard in regards to flirting David. For both genders you get validation that you're a sexy beast, you hold the other person enthralled and in your grasp so it's empowering, and you test to see how good your skills of charm are.If the person is charmed and taken by you, then you know your capacity to charm and influence someone deeply is strong.

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Why is it in your opinion that females flirt because they need validation, however males flirt because they love women?