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Not surprisingly, 6ft men who were members of the site were 33% more likely to be contacted than a man of average height (5ft 7in), and 77% more likely to be contacted than a man under 5ft 4in. Bernie Ecclestone (5ft 2½in) managed to attract, date and marry the stunning Slavica Radic who towered nearly a foot above him?

Notwithstanding the fact that they have since split up.

They need to feel feminine and protected, explains Rena Maycock, a director of the Dublin-based Intro Match-Making agency.

“It’s a genetic thing that may even go back to primitive times when men were larger and hunter/gatherers,” she says.

And from rom-coms to action thrillers, Hollywood continues to recycle this age-old stereotype.

“I’ve never managed to convince a woman to date a man shorter than her.

On occasion, I’ve tried when I felt it was a very good match— but I came up against a blank wall.

I find that even really petite women — 5ft or 5ft 2in — will ask for a 6ft male.

“They can be quite resistant to men who are under 5ft 10in and they’re very resistant to men who are 5ft 6in or 5ft 7in — they want the man to be taller even when they’re wearing heels.” Research from the online dating website underlines this.

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Male stature really does seem to matter for women — more than 80,000 interactions between users of the British website found that every inch increase in a man’s height directly correlated to his likelihood of being contacted by a woman.