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That same Jesus can give you the courage, the clarity and the selflessness to be intentional in your dating life. Next week we’ll address the next part of our definition for purpose driven dating: DNA: It’s What’s For Dating Dug this weekend’s DNA?

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My parents often remind my brothers and me that they won't have any money for us to inherit, but I think they've already passed on to us the wealth of their memories, allowing us to grasp the beauty of a flowering wisteria, the delicacy of a word, the power of wonder.

Even more, they've given us feet for walking to our dreams, to infinity...." Ru is autobiographical, a collection of stories based somewhat on Kim Thuy's life; from a small child living in a well to do family in Saigon, to a refugee in a camp in Malaysia, to a new life in Canada.

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Author Kim Thuy discusses Ru in this short interview: Originally published in French and winner of the Governor General's Award, Ru is a poetic read that will stir the hearts of readers, especially those of us who remember the arrival of the "boat people" in our communities almost forty years ago.

Purpose-Driven Dating: I don’t think I have to defend the assertion that most dating, as practiced in the Western world is the antithesis of intentional, but I thought it would be helpful to reference three relational practices and then point out their deficiencies. For more advice on what an intentional date invite might sound like, check out this post: .

However, if you’re actually interested in moving a relationship from a casual friendship to something more serious then you really shouldn’t employ the same casual mode of communication you use to find out when your best friend is getting off work. And confusion is the last thing any serious relationship needs to start with.

Ru juxtaposes past with present, moving seamlessly between the two, often linking the vignettes with a word or idea.

The voice of Nguyen is muted but still manages to convey the horror of war, the dislocation and loss of a way of life, and the struggles to begin again in a strange new land..

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