De la cruz dating

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De la cruz dating

Puerto de la Cruz Puerto de la Cruz is the main tourist resort situated in the Northern region of Tenerife; it’s also the longest established and unlike many newly developed towns, Puerto de la Cruz is an old working town, where you can eat, drink and converse with the locals.

The resort is a mix of cosmopolitan city with old colonial charm.

Meat tends to feature prominently on most menus, much of which is imported from South America, asthere is very little cattle rearing on the island.

Speciality desserts include the wonderful ‘Bienmesabe’, translated means “It tastes good to me”, and is a mix of honey, almond cream, eggs and rum.

Here the narrow cobbled streets are home to the best seafood and Canarian restaurants.

There are also some delicious vegetarian and organic options in the town, plus some elegant haute cuisine restaurants if you want to splash out and enjoy a meal in style.

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History Puerto de la Cruz was originally developed as a port for the nearby and wealthy town of La Orotava,where it exported produce such as sugar and wine to the New World.

Today the harbour is still a central part of local business for the cities economy.

Frangollas is a corn based milk pudding with cinnamon, honey and brandy, or Las Torrijas, which are sweet maize fritters with honey and aniseed. The local goats cheese, is especially delicious and is made into different varieties, as with most cheese, including harder yellow examples or crumbly white ones.

The local wines are produced from grapes cultivated on the volcanic grounds and are delicious accompaniments to your meal.

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Cuisine The cuisine of Lanzarote effortlessly combines typical Spanish dishes with African and Latin American influences.

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