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Kazan said he did not know how many counts Lacey faced because the 93-count indictment was sealed.On Friday evening, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice said in an email that a judge had ruled the case was still under seal.

The picture was taken with a statue of the Fearless Girl sculpted by Kristen Visbal, a Delaware resident.This is the mugshot of Michael Lacey, a founder of New Times, a weekly newspaper in Phoenix.Lacey was arrested in California on accusations he conspired to profit from prostitution through classified ads posted on the Backpage website, the target of a federal human-trafficking investigation, is, ironically, a Delaware registered limited liability company in "good standing." The U. web page of the classified ads website was seized Friday by federal law enforcement.Eight of the 11 men charged with patronizing a prostitute were from Delaware.On Friday, Michael Lacey, a founder of the tabloid and a co-founder of Backpage, was charged in Phoenix in the apparent culmination of the human-trafficking investigation, according to his lawyer.

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The police are very experienced at getting people to say things that will damage their cases. However, if you tell prosecutors that you did not have sex with the victim, you would eliminate consent as a possible defense.

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