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Edge lita dating real life

But they have both repeatedly continued to lie, lie, lie, lie!

” Edge and Beth have two children together, the oldest being Lyric, who was born in 2013.

This affair became a huge deal in the wrestling fan community that year, especially because the off-camera drama was incorporated into on-camera storylines.

As noted by What Culture, Lisa Ortiz left a comment on a message board in 2005 calling Edge a coward over this whole debacle.

Edge also said that the name Lyric was his idea and that it has been in his head for about a year.

The couple did not have a name decided when Beth went into labor, though, and they made the final decision while she was mid-contraction.

While the results are predetermined, much of the action in wrestling is real and many wrestling characters are offshoots of a wrestler's real personality. There are a great number of on-screen wrestling couples who actually dated in real life.

“It’s a partnership — it has to be, in order to juggle everything.

Adam Copeland has been keeping himself busy both with acting and with his life as a family man.

He was recently married and he has two children, a three-year-old and a five-month-old.

Fortunately, I’ve got a pillar, so I can go and do the show knowing that everything at home is A-OK.

It’s been an interesting ride over the past few months.” Although Edge says that he’s frequently busy making his show, Beth Copeland says that her husband is “the most devoted dad I’ve ever known.” Beth is not Edge’s first wife, and he was married two times before he and Beth got together.

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She wrote, “Amy and Adam have had many many opportunities to tell Matt and I both the truth.

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