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Hibernate saveorupdate not updating

As part of transaction management Spring automatically flushes the session.This means that you don't have to worry about any of these aspects in your code.Abstract Save Event Entity State(Abstract Save Event Listener.java:546): detached instance of: com.skuldweb.domain.User Level VO [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,312 :org.hibernate.Identifier Unsaved(Identifier Value.java:127): id unsaved-value: 0 [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,308 :org.hibernate.Abstract Save Event Entity State(Abstract Save Event Listener.java:546): detached instance of: com.skuldweb.domain. Default Save Or Update Event Listener.entity Is Detached(Default Save Or Update Event Listener.java:228): updating detached instance [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,308 :org.hibernate.

Session Factory Get Session(Session Factory Utils.java:318): Opening Hibernate Session [DEBUG] 2010-07-23 ,303 :org.I have verified that this method IS invoked, and the User VO that is passed does contain the updated fields. Driver jdbc.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost/skuldweb_dev; AUTO=MULTI; CURSOR=READONLY jdbc.username= jdbc.password= hibernate.dialect=org.hibernate.dialect.My SQLDialect hibernate.show_sql=true hibernate.use_outer_join=true hibernate.cache.use_query_cache=true hibernate.cache.use_second_level_cache=true hibernate.cache.provider=org.hibernate.cache.User Level VO#1] [TRACE] 2010-07-23 ,313 :org.hibernate.engine.Cascade.cascade(Cascade.java:173): done processing cascade ACTION_SAVE_UPDATE for: com.skuldweb.domain.

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I am using struts2 and hibernate Integration by following this link trying to update the records but instead of updating it is inserting new records , I have seen all the hibernate update questions before posting this post but none of them worked for me so Please I am requesting to read my question before marking it as duplicate, as I had tried a lot from the already posted questions and answers...

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