Hillbilly women dating

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Hillbilly women dating

I do my own renovations I take care of my children and my "man"I like to work hard, play hard, laugh hard, I am intelligent and knowledge of business operations, I were jeans and can dress well for other social events. nearly edible looking, and cracker barrel wait staff are easily tricked by the cooks into taking bites. The "n's" and "r's" are annoying and it says a lot about the lack of character or your maturity or intelligence or motivation if you choose to use a "u" instead of typing to more letters to make "you". Second I just recently quit smoking, drive a truck and a Volvo...lol, I have tattoos..of which says "Redneck Woman" with a Confederate painted heart and yellow rose coming out of it, I hunt, fish, four wheel, love to go mudding, wear wranglers and a cowboy hat and boots, and love to two-step too. I think of my self as a Southern Country Belle with morals and integrity.

JMOKinda curious where I fall into this picture still. Trailer trash hillbillies, well we have a few of them up in my country too, well not the hillbilly part, I would suspect Coloradacwgrl you would fall under number 1 , because I doubt if you were number 2) you would 1) know how to read? and 3) since you haven't mentioned anything about skinning possums for living with your kin folks. Please post the links to the numerous threads, where the OP bashed everything Southern, and everything redneck.hmmmmm 1)I live in the south2)live in a mobile home in the country3)go muddin in the pickup or on the 4 wheeler4)love to go bass fishin5) am college educated6)clean up rather well I answered yes to more than two......that make me a redneck woman??Once I was in Brooklyn and a guy from Staten Island asked me if it were true that “you people” eat possums.He was dead serious, I suppose he learned all about hillbillies from watching television, he had never been out of New York. I take it that Duckman_2 doesn't take too kindly to my theatrics of anti-Southernism, or owns a massive quantity of Southern Pride and John Deere apparel. when they're cooked right, they have a smooth, creamy texture with a slight bit of gritiness to them... that would be the same as adding milk or cream to them...

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No but snake and frog legs are delicous-Do you say y'all on a regular basis?