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I like to chat with a sexy mom aboutsex

Daddy's body did the same thing when he was your age) We've used all this as a springboard for talking about resisting temptation (because there will be a lot of it...like now he's tempted to eat too much ice cream or spend his money on a toy he'll quickly tire of only to want to spend $ on another one), delaying gratification (waiting for marriage) It's also opened up conversations about fertility issues, birth control, and STDs....again, all in age appropriate ways that he understands so he can dialogue about it.

He knows he can expect to have active sweat glands in his underarms, to have hair grow in the same places he has seen it on Daddy, etc.

If she seems to be getting uncomfortable with the discussion, she's gotten enough.

Ideally, you should have had some form of this discussion when she was much smaller, as apparently you have since you state that she is already aware of some of the process. Also, now and in later conversations and to whatever degree the discussion progresses, be sure to instill in her your own belief systems as far as sex and sexuality.

Keep her on track of what you believe by repeating, in various ways, the importance of restraint and self-control not just in sex but in all things. We've been chatting with our now 8-year old son about human sexuality all his life---not sex, but human sexuality.

The fact that your daughter came to you and asked you is the best sign in the world. He learned the correct name for his "private parts" just like he would learn the correct name for any other body part.

So, if you have a chance to discuss this with wiser, more experienced moms who are happy with the way they handled this with their kid, go for it..might as well learn from those who've been there and from those who regret not being more open with their kids.

there is a great public education website for parents called "Parents Speak Up" - it helps parents talk to their preteens (10-13 year olds) about sex and waiting to have sex. Hey M., I just joined this website so I'm new but I have to share something with you.

Ten year-olds can be curious but not really want all the naked facts, so to speak.

Like you I gave as little information as possible hoping it would pass. Finally, when Susan's baby was born, she asked me "Mama, just EXACTLY how is it that Susan has a baby and doesn't have a husband".

I told her I would explain it to her but she would have to give me some time to think about it.

It includes a workbook and audio CDs that talk about a variety of subjects about sex in a really preteen friendly way.

- If you are religious at all (or even if not) there is a great program I did with my girls called Passport 2 Purity - it is put out by Focus on the Family so you could search on their site for it.

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