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Internet dating love stories

But the difference this time was I deleted all the answers to the questions and started again, and tried REALLY HARD to be as honest as possible with what I wanted and what I was looking for. Anyway, the second person I went on a date with after my profile honesty refresh is now my husband, and we’ve been together for four years."-Carolyn, 30"Once I was on Tinder when a match messaged me, ' I will feed u until ur in a food coma every time.' This sounded like an absolute dream for me—someone who very passionately loves food.

Nothing happened besides that, but the moment was magical in and of itself.

Jordan was the third and we instantly connected over our undying love of pizza.

We got deep dish at Lou’s for our first date and walked around the city in the middle of February.

We've been together a year and a half and just moved in together!

" -Bernadette, 26"The first time I met up with someone from Tinder, I turned it into more of a ~friend thing~.

Anyone who's used a dating app knows that ~online dating love~ can be seriously elusive.

Meeting a quality partner can be like finding a needle in a haystack—if that haystack were filled with bad pick-up lines, unrequited booty calls, and occasionally mortifying moments, that is.

First date coffee, second date dinner, third date drinks, and we were officially together within a month.

And if that wasn't enough, his first name was Best." -Alex, 24"I actually met my current boyfriend on Tinder, and we’ve been dating for about a year and a half now.

I’d had Tinder for a while but only actually went on three dates total.

What I didn't expect was to meet a guy I adored, who is now my boyfriend of several years.

I almost canceled our first date at the last minute, and now I'm SO glad I didn't.

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When we met, we both hadn’t ever been in a relationship longer than a month.

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