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Disturbed by the death of her mother when she was only four or five years old, and her distraught father's subsequent drug addiction, Atefah had a difficult childhood.She was also left to care for her elderly grandparents, but they are said to have shown her no affection.

However, the age of sexual consent for girls under Sharia law - within the confines of marriage - is nine, and furthermore, rape is very hard to prove in an Iranian court.

Three days after her arrest, Atefah was in a court and tried under Sharia law.

The judge was the powerful Haji Rezai, head of the judiciary in Neka.

And a witness claims: "The judge just looked at her body, because of the developed physique...

and declared her as 22." Judge Haji Rezai took Atefah's documents to the Supreme Court himself.

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"When I met with the family," says Asieh, "they showed me a copy of her birth certificate, and a copy of her death certificate. This gave me legitimate grounds to investigate the case." So why was such a young girl executed?