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Is connor paolo dating anyone

Despite his father's best efforts, Connor is unable to cope with his father still being not accepting of him being gay following his bad reaction when walking in on him making out with Jude.Following this, Connor considers moving in with his mother in Los Angeles instead, asking his dad to simply let him go.While working on the project, he learns a bit about Jude's life as a foster kid.While there, Connor also remarks to Jude how he is never rude, even to people who mistreat and bully him.He is shown to be open about his sexuality and easily accepting of himself since coming out to his father.His relationship with his father is shown to still be struggling, often hurt by his dad's negative opinion about him being gay. His relationship with Jude is strained when Jude makes the request to keep their relationship private and hesitates to label himself gay.

When Connor leaves to get his textbook in the classroom they were just in, Jude gets picked on by Blake and Jeremy, two classmates, about wearing blue nail polish.As the two become close, he gets threatened by his homophobic father to end his friendship with Jude.Despite wanting to maintain a friendship with his best friend, he isn't able to stand up to his father, with whom he has a shaky and, most likely, an abusive relationship with.In the episode Not That Kind of Girl, he gets sick of his father ragging on him and comes out to him as gay.This results in his dad briefly banning Jude from his life, believing Jude is responsible for Connor sneaking out and identifying himself as gay.

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Connor and Jude then run upstairs to go work on their project.

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