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Despite said having a lovely chemistry Tahj is no longer with Erica. Well, both of them do appear here and there in the news, just not with each other.Talking back about their relationship both of them were seriously a hot couple.These threads are very important, the very lifeblood of DL. Tahj has been around forever, and having Mary-Kate and Ashley as your hags at age 4 is the epitome of high class closet if I've ever known. Quiet as it's kept by his sisters, I think he is freaky little queen who has fucked half the actors and rappers in Hollywood.We should all make a commitment here and now to spill that delicious tea, review the facts, and come to a stunning conclusion about Tahj's sexual preference, all in this one thread. He is cute and it wouldn't surprise me if he's gay.Their cousin was so obviously gay that he makes Tahj look positively butch by comparison.I didn't buy that they were so clueless that they didn't know he was gay.Had he been in a relationship it is unlikely he would try to hide it.There is no news about how both Mowry and Ocampo separated.

Despite said having a lovely chemistry Tahj is no longer with Erica.They ended up cutting Tahj's name being mentioned from episode. Dating while closeted must be hard.r3 his sisters practically outed Queen Latifah on Wendy Williams, because they were friends with her ex girlfriend. And he just turned 30, so its not like it matters either way at this point. r3 and profit off of retaining the african american stereotype...neither black gay characters or actors hit a wide enough audience target unless its down and out camp, and he too pretty for that. and that still don't pay the RENTR15, that "love life" swerve was classic.During the interview by this is what Tahj had to say about people on Tinder- “People go on Tinder, [and now flirting] is a lost art.[Flirting] can show what kind of person you are, it can show if you’re funny, if you’re quirky — it’s all about the conversation.

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Erica, well she’s a given with her sexy body and those looks; Tahj was also one hot dude and both of them made an excellent duo.

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