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Jaimacan dating site

e'll resume fieldwork at Jackson Bay in the next week or two, so more cool videos and notes to post soon.

There's also more dye-tracing with the WRA coming up.

It went well, even though we had to get inventive and establish a way to suspend someone in a climbing harness clipped in at their upper back in a vertical position.

And, of course, we now have about 15 metres of 9mm static rope painted green - but it's latex, and we think it will wash off with a bit of effort The production crew, and "Talent", were very cool, and it was fun to work with them.

We'll be back to the real mission, speleology, next weekend.

Handheld lights or headlamps will be used, not bamboo torches or bottle torches.

Visitors will not touch or in any way cause damage to the formations (stalactites, stalagmites, etc).

The western branch is fauna poor, but is physically attractive.

Purists would argue that the entire cave should be kept off limits for tourism, but the rural members of our society need income just as much as the owners of the large resorts and it is our belief that responsible tourism in the western branch of the cave will have minimal impact on the biota, and also allow a few dollars to flow into the community.

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e had one of our more unusual Jamaican Caves Organisation days last Saturday, November 19.