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The irises are dark brown and its beak is horn colored. Juveniles have less-marked dark stripes, which darken with age.Males and females are generally similar in external appearance, but males may sometimes have more marked black stripes than the female.These birds are also known for their ability to talk and imitate noises.

Linnies should be DNA tested using feathers, egg shell or blood drops.The dark stripes vary in prominence between its two subspecies. The Linnie is about 16 cm (6.5 in) in length and has a weight of about 42 to 52 grams.It is mostly green and has black stripes (or bars) over its upper-parts except on the top of the head.Lineolated parakeets are known for their calm dispositions and peculiar postures.Unlike many birds, Linnies typically rest in a near horizontal position with their heads almost in line with their tails.

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