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It'll be next to the word ’Skype’ and will have no spaces in it. Other ways to protect yourself online include not posting any personal information, such as you address, email address or mobile number on the internet.Make sure your passwords are strong by including symbols, numbers, capital letters, and change it regularly - of course, never give this information out.It also added that the groups identified were working out of Morocco, the Philippines and the Ivory Coast.Last year more than 40 arrests were made in the Philippines, and there is one ongoing international prosecution connected to one of the suicides reported this year.

The gangs, based in Morocco, the Philippines and the Ivory Coast, use "honey trap" actors to lure their victims in and record the images before threatening to share them with the victims' friends and family unless they accede to their demands for payment.If you have already paid, check to see if the money has been collected.If it has, and if you are able, then make a note of where it was collected from.The National Crime Agency and the National Police Chiefs' Council have launched a new campaign to advise those who have been, or are likely to be, targeted.It includes a film aimed at the most vulnerable victims, helping them to recognise a potential criminal approach and providing online advice, including the importance of reporting the crime to their local police.

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