Nigerian dating scam example

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Is it possible to have a check sent to me directly?

I would then use this check to open a bank account (Key Bank has free checking for a limited time so please hurry). I have never been good with money so you can only imagine how happy I got when I read your email. I know you said this is confidential but I had to share it with my friend Brad Fairyman.

I want to help you, but unfortunately I do not have a savings or checking account.

As it is easier to steal a card from the USA they write in their profiles that they are from the USA or some other European country. Be careful if a woman decided to visit you after several days of communication, if she is writing that she is already in Moscow and trying to buy tickets – this is a scam (Moscow scammer group). Do not send money for buying tickets as all tickets can be bought online and you can send online-tickets to the user. There are no such contracts with an agency when somebody is obliged to buy tickets in this agency, it is scamming. There is no requirement to show cash money at the customs.

Customs deals only with the import of prohibited things.

You are a nice guy and I think you would like it here.

With this new money your sending me, I'd love buy a drink at Flash Dancers (a fine eating establishment located just off the interstate). Meeting Agnus was the best thing that has ever happened to me until now. Anyway Albert, let me know if you can send a check and I will tell you where to send it.

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