Outlook 2016 address list not updating Camchat free

Posted by / 18-Oct-2017 04:29

Outlook 2016 address list not updating

In Windows 10 it is : Click the Start menu and select Settings.

If I select a grouping of emails at the same time and move them to another folder (By either drag and drop, or right click move) They disappear from the inbox section and go to the target folder no problem.

Now lets say I need to filter the results in my inbox folder.

It is quite easy in Outlook 2016 to check if your mailbox is being indexed.

To check what you’re indexing in Outlook 2016 just follow this specific path: This is where you can make sure that Outlook has been selected for indexing.

If the computer goes to sleep, it doesn’t complete the indexing.

I don’t know how long the indexing it takes, but 20 min is not enough.

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The time it will take for the index to be rebuilt depends on the system you are using, the amount of files that need to be indexed, and file size.

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