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In those days, the real cause of yellow fever or yellow jack, a bite from a Tiger mosquito carrying the virus, was unknown.

The fever was often attributed to foul, pestilential air from the gutters, or noxious vapors from unsanitary conditions, or even human carriers.

Katy Mc Caleb Headley wrote in her history, Claiborne County, Mississippi : The Promised Land, One of the worst things that could have happened to Port Gibson, as well as to Claiborne County right after Reconstruction was the yellow fever epidemic of 1878.

Indeed it was terrible the worst yellow fever epidemic in US history, and Claiborne County was hit particularly hard.

The response from the outside was prompt and liberal. Immense sums of money were sent from neighboring towns and from Northern cities, villages, churches and individuals. with honors: possessed beauty and much musical ability: d. was the great uncle of Port Gibson historian, Katie Mc Caleb Headly who records, William Moore and his little children (Ella and Duncan) died in this epidemic in Port Gibson, and the wife Ann Mc Dougal Moore, dug the graves and buried her dead alone. He would make it appear that yellow fever is the most highly infectious and communicable disease in the whole catalogue of nosology.

The first number of the town paper issued after its suspension on account of the death of the printer, estimated the cases up to that date at 1,300 and the deaths 300. of yellow fever at Port Gibson 1878, leaving one child. This family was from France according to the 1860 census. Take, for instance, the following: A Jew peddler, recently from Port Gibson, was seized with fever while on his rounds, and evidently infected three families.

In this final stage, jaundice (the skin turning yellow) is also a typical symptom thus the name yellow fever. Newman and Julia Kiefer Newman died: Ben Mullen of Port Gibson recorded the small cemeteries in the county around Port Gibson many years ago.

If a victim dies, it usually occurs within two weeks; however, survivors can feel the ill effects for a lengthy period. The large Wintergreen Cemetery in Port Gibson was recorded by Walter Salassi.

Very many of them were found doing their duty and some of them were among the successful nurses." Tables taken from The Epidemic of 1878 in Mississippi : A Report of the Yellow Fever Relief Work through J. , Clarion Steam Publishing House, 1879.) These same yellow fever deaths are also listed in the Vicksburg Weekly Herald, Jan. The above list of deaths is made up with the assistance of Howard officers Gage, Englesing, Fulkerson, and J. Many white and colored people have died from this fever of which I have no official information thus far. 31Rocky Springs is a ghost town on the Natchez Trace now, but once it had a population of more than two thousand. At the end of two weeks, the bedclothes were brought in, boiled, wrung out, and dried about the house, Mrs. Within eight days from that time, and about twenty from the burial of the poor peddler, Mrs.

The following is a list of deaths in August and September of 1878, indicating day of death taken from St. Northern newspapers reported the severity of the 1853 epidemic. The New Orleans Picayune says the yellow fever at that place still continues very malignant; the blacks, however, are the principal victims.

Joseph Parish, Claiborne Jefferson Counties MS, compiled and transcribed by Ann Beckerson Brown and Walter Lee Salassi, pub. At Grand Gulf the fever is raging with great severity; half the residents were taken down in one week. There have been several deaths in the adjoining counties.

They couldnt have known that it was the mosquito, not their neighbors, that they needed to the Union Chambers of Commerce, Washington Post, Sept. Eight nurses from the association were sent by train to Port Gibson as early as mid August according to a New York Times article. For several days before his death, he had been quite sick with a high fever. Mackey, a friend of my mother, lived in a two-story house at Elmwood Springs. I didnt know what to do for him, so I gave him lots of ice water with plenty of lemon in it. The negro cook had the fever, and she had a little negro girl that had the fever, too. It is spreading to an alarming extent in the country, and is forcing refugees back to town as the true place of safety. Congress held hearings and a National Quarantine Act was passed. In 1853, due to ignorance that yellow fever was a mosquito-borne disease, the following incident occurred in the county: In the Transactions of the American Medical Association, Vol. The author seems to be decidedly of the opinion that the disease was brought either from Port Gibson or Natchez to Mr.

Later in the month, the Times reported that Port Gibson Howard workers had sent the following telegram: Fever very fatal, and no abatement, Two hundred and thirty cases and 35 deaths to date. He was sent to his boarding house, the Louder Hotel One doctor said he had billous fever, another said intermittent fever, but one of the same doctors saw him the day before he died and said he had a genuine case of yellow fever. Everybody that could get a horse, a carriage, a cart, or any other conveyance did, and many on foot, left town. Crane, who told me to put down everything and find a way to get to the county to hunt a place for both our families. I tried to get him to lend him to me, but he said he couldnt. I told her what had happened and what I was looking for. Then I started for the doctor, but the vomit had stopped before we returned. Another man had the fever, so I went down and heated a bottle of whiskey to rub him with. So I went down to get it and when I returned, I found the whiskey was gone. Well, I said, You surely will be dead in a little while. A tub of water had been put in the room for some cause, and when I came in, the little girl was in the tub of water. The number of cases here figures about 600, out of a remaining population of 700. There would be other years with yellow fever, but the 1878 scourge was the last great yellow fever epidemic in the history of the county. Although the only individual Price grave that is marked with the death date 1878 in the Herlong Cemetery is that of Rev. Price, in recent years Martha Leese and other family members have placed a memorial there to the Joseph Price family. Amos Greer did not die, but his wife Mary Eugenia Price Greer and three of his children did. 7, 1854, one doctor wrote, I may remark that Grand Gulf is a small town, immediately on the Mississippi river, between Natchez and Vicksburg. Coleman's place, and from there spread through the neighborhood by infectious communication.

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