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Phone cam basement

(Although it’s worth noting that it doesn’t offer the advanced people tracking of a Nest right now.) The price drops to 0 per unit if you buy two, and .67 if you buy three or more.It’s important to note, however, that if you’re getting a Cloud Cam to work with Amazon’s Key service, you’ll need one unit that costs 9. Cardboard boxes emblazoned with its brand arrive in a steady stream at my doorstep.I watch shows from its studio on my television through a Fire TV stick, and Alexa is a constant companion, updating me on the weather, broadcasting the news, and pumping out the jams.Within a minute, I was getting notifications on my phone as the camera caught sight of me crossing my living room to inspect its field of view.

Cloud Cam a relatively straightforward device that delivers all the features you would expect out of a home security camera.The biggest question for the Cloud Cam is two-fold.First, will customers actually flock to Amazon Key?You can set the unit up to turn itself on and off when it detects your smartphone in the area, which is a nice touch.The camera is 9.99, which is cheaper than comparable units from rivals like Nest and Logi.

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This worked well in my testing, but isn’t very useful in a small apartment with just one Cloud Cam.