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Like others who may use Spam Assassin as their Spam tool for their clients within Plesk, the version that comes with 8.0.1 isn't the greatest..

However, through speaking to people at the Plesk forums, the upgrade process to v 3.1.7 of Spam Assassin (which apparently is much more robust) is pretty easy.

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Config Files /etc/psa///usr/local/psa/PMM/logs//usr/local/psa/PMM/logs//usr/local/psa/PMM/logs/migration_Services Functionality is controlled by the Plesk Control Panel service.

Download file update-8.1.0-fc4-i386gz: 38%..100% done. Download file build-8.1.0-fc4-i386gz: 64%..100% done. Getting packages to installation list: Get packages to installation from selected component base Get packages to installation from selected component java Get packages to installation from selected component spamassassin Get packages to installation from selected component docs Get packages to installation from selected component backup-ded Get packages to installation from selected component api Get packages to installation from selected component pmm Get packages to installation from selected component psa-firewall Get packages to installation from selected component cs-gs Get packages to installation from selected component psa-vpn Get packages to installation from selected component battlefield Get packages to installation from selected component psa-fileserver Get packages to installation from selected component watchdog Resolve components Warning: unresolved requires 'dummy-fedora-core-4' from dummy-selinux-openvz-1.0-1.noarch Warning: unresolved requires 'vzdummyfc4' from dummy-selinux-vz-1.0-1.noarch Warning: packages conflict by files detected: package jaf-0:1.0.2-4jpp.noarch conflict with package classpathx-jaf-0:1.0-2jpp_3fc.noarch both have file /usr/share/java/jaf-1.0.2with different md5 sum.

repository: Get brief packages info for all sources Check for components installation status Component base: mode upgrade, installed=1150210957, available=1164820038 Component psa-autoinstaller: mode up2date, installed=1174975929, available=1164919984 Component asp: mode upgrade, installed=1150211284, available=1164820136 Component mailman: mode upgrade, installed=1150211287, available=1164820137 Component postgresql: mode up2date, installed=1148317978, available=1148317978 Component java: mode upgrade, installed=1150379368, available=1164819977 Component spamassassin: mode upgrade, installed=1150210845, available=1164819981 Component rblsmtpd: mode upgrade, installed=1150210841, available=1164819979 Component mod_python: mode up2date, installed=1109926542, available=1109926542 Component ruby: mode install, installed=0, available=1164820144 Component fcgi: mode install, installed=0, available=1160389821 Component vault: mode upgrade, installed=1154508716, available=1165543400 Component horde-comps: mode upgrade, installed=1150210797, available=1164820109 Component docs: mode upgrade, installed=1150211171, available=1164820100 Component backup-ded: mode upgrade, installed=1165309325, available=1167122182 Component drweb: mode upgrade, installed=1150210786, available=1164819949 Component ppwse: mode upgrade, installed=1157101552, available=1164820122 Component api: mode upgrade, installed=1165309317, available=1167122174 Component sshterm: mode upgrade, installed=1150210728, available=1164819919 Component pmm: mode upgrade, installed=1165309320, available=1167122177 Component psa-firewall: mode upgrade, installed=1152786369, available=1164819976 Component cs-gs: mode upgrade, installed=1154053060, available=1165902525 Component psa-vpn: mode upgrade, installed=1150211159, available=1164820095 Component battlefield: mode upgrade, installed=1150211242, available=1164820112 Component bf2: mode upgrade, installed=1150211292, available=1164820139 Component psa-fileserver: mode upgrade, installed=1153771922, available=1164819965 Component watchdog: mode upgrade, installed=1150211272, available=1164820128 Component sitebuilder: mode upgrade, installed=1161794668, available=1164691550 Component sb-publish: mode up2date, installed=1160554112, available=1160554112 Component cf-support: mode upgrade, installed=1150211294, available=1164820141 Component atis: mode upgrade, installed=1153297596, available=1159960368 Component de-DE-locale: mode install, installed=0, available=1164633868 Component ja-JP-locale: mode install, installed=0, available=1164633888 Component es-ES-locale: mode install, installed=0, available=1164633875 Check for components requires keyupdate No keyupdate need for component base Key Update Checker::do Check: no components for check key update repository: Get full packages info for all sources Reading system installed packages...execute command for generate rpm cache in /tmp: rpm -qa --queryformat 'F:system_installed_%-%-%.%.rpm\n N:%\n E:%\n V:%\n L:%\n A:%\nf:%\n B:%\n[R:% % %\n][P:% % %\n][P:%\nm:%\n5:%%\n][C:% % %\n][O:% % %\n]X:\n' /tmp/autoinstaller_system_packages.cache read cache file done.

To access the spam filter settings, click the Show Advanced Settings link: The Spam filter sensitivity can be set to whatever you'd like (default is 7).

Based on a complex rules set, Spam Assassin assigns a score to each spam-like element of a message.

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As in the Black list above, you can also enter addresses in the format *@so that all email from will not be tagged, no matter how much like spam it looks. While using your email program, you can increase the likelihood that Spam Assassin will learn from your preferences by moving messages that you know to be spam from your Inbox to the Spam folder.

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