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Predating cincinnati

I-75 is the oldest, busiest, and most interesting expressway in the Cincinnati area.Its 22 years of construction on the Ohio side of the river stretched from 1941 to 1963, with the majority of the roadway built along the route of the old Miami-Erie Canal.The siblings feel very fortunate to have access to this ancient and unique water source. Have you ever tried salt from an ancient ocean, or some other unique source?Feel free to comment below and join the discussion.Development initially spread away from I-75 in either direction along I-275 until the 1998 opening of the Union Center Boulevard interchange sparked full-throttle development of over 1,000 acres of Butler County farmland.With the southernmost suburban fringes of Dayton 25 miles north of I-275, and significant development at each of the first three interchanges north of the loop, only ten miles of open countryside and a giant Jesus statue currently separate the two metropolitan regions.It could be the plot of an Expendables movie, but it’s what happened a decade or so back, when the depth of the old-growth forest at the Cincinnati Nature Center was fully understood.Sixty-five acres of the Center’s Rowe Woods are a vestige of the Eastern Deciduous Forest that once covered all of Ohio.

The number of well-behaved interchanges is so short that they both can be listed here: Mitchell Ave. Every other interchange between the Ohio River and I-275 is irregular in some fashion, involving some combination of short or curved merges, less than seamless integration with pre-existing infrastructure, feeder roads, or left side ramps.

In a world that is is comprised of about 71 percent water, it hard to believe that there are entire oceans that most of us don’t realize exists. Though the people of that region have solid ground beneath their feet, far below them flows an ancient ocean more than 400 million years old. They draw water from the Iapetus because within it is a natural food source that their family has used for generations as salt distributors under the name J. The process is completely done by hand - no machines. Dickinson Salt-Works, including their online shop, visit their website here.

In fact, it is from this ocean that the brother and sister team of Lewis Payne and Nancy Bruns draw water. Vast amounts of salt are derived from the brine of the Iapetus.

Together, construction and its subsequent effects are such a broad topic that I could not hope to give a comprehensive account without months of research and writing.

It is now anticipated that major reconstruction of nearly all of I-75 in Cincinnati will commence in or soon after 2012.

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More talked about are the distinctive but notorious segments the expressway, such as the Lockland Split and the above mentioned Brent Spence Bridge.