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They would reach out to bikini models and exotic dancers on Instagram and say something along the lines of, “My boss wants to meet you.” Shon would then allegedly offer the women ,000 with no strings attached, to fly to New York and meet Rubin in his Manhattan apartment.Powers would follow-up with the women, sending them messages assuring them that Rubin was a great guy and that the trip to New York would not be about sex.If Rubin liked the women, they would take photos together, but nothing too over the top, and the women would be paid an additional ,000…Once arriving in New York, the women would go to Rubin’s 57th Street apartment to meet.Then they would head out for dinner and drinks to places like the Russian Tea Room.The room could be referred to by the women as “the dungeon,” as it had white carpet and red walls.The room was filled with ropes, chains, face masks with zippers, sex toys, and a large x-shaped machine.Enlisting the help of two former models, Stephanie Shon, and Jennifer Powers, a former Hawaiian Tropics model who Rubin dated 12 years ago when during his “brunette phase,” Rubin instructed them to find him suitable women.These women should be beautiful and preferably Playboy Playmates…

He reportedly did so well that he retired in 1999 as one of the “most respected” men on Wall Street. Rubin married his former Harvard Business School classmate, Mary Henry and had three children with her.

There, Rubin would allegedly buy the women expensive drinks of Don Julio 1942 before handing them a piece of paper.

The paper was a non-disclosure agreement, and if signed, the duo would head back to the penthouse to enjoy some time alone.

The lawsuit accused Schnur, Rubin’s lawyer, of obstructing justice and intimidating witnesses by interfering in the case.

Rubin and Schnur reportedly agreed to pay for Hallman’s criminal defense lawyer, Jeremy Saland, as long as Hallman agreed not to mention anything about Rubin or the others in the criminal trial.

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What’s shocking in this case is that the women returned to see Rubin again in New York, even after suffering from violence while in his hands.

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