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Schools mandating volunteering

The parent should discuss any concerns about the experience.Open communication between adults ensures that the kids have adequate supervision.Teens deserve respect and it is important that no volunteer coordinator takes advantage of them by expecting them to work for extended hours without breaks. What kind of skills are necessary to perform the work?

However, after spending time serving the community, they recognize that they like this work and they want to do that more and more.

When considering a community service opportunity it is important to ask a few questions. Examples of questions include: Will there be responsible adults present to supervise the students? How are completed community service hours reported to the school?

A responsible parent or other adult should have contact with the adult supervising the teens on the community service project.

Students should always feel like they have someone to talk to if they have questions or concerns. Her work has appeared on Made Man and various other online publications.

She specializes in home schooling and natural childbirth.

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Most kids learn new skills in these situations and work with people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

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