Sex chat with straight mens

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Sex chat with straight mens

I was fully aware of my wife’s dirty kinky slutty side and there was a good change those men I passed had pushed their cocks through those holes into my wife’s stall.

My cock began to swell as I imagined my wife stroking a cock on the left and maybe sucking the one on the right.

I pushed my ass back on the man’s cock as he rubbed his shaft on my spread pussy to lube it.

I slowly pushed back again this time slide onto his hard big dick.

I continued to stroke his cock with one hand as hand pulled up my shirt and began fondling my tits.

I then moved from my squat and I bent over as I licked up his shaft and around his cock head. I sucked the man slowly as I slipped a hand down and back to my pussy.

The man on the right must have seen my panties around my ankles since he stopped and peeked down through the hole.

I made eye contact with the man and I opened my legs like a good slut showing him my pussy.

The man behind me pulled his hand back and slipped his cock through his glory hole.I uttered a slutty sound as his shaft fully impaled me.If anybody had walked into that rest room they would have been in for a dirty surprise.I waited while I fondled myself as I also shared in my wife’s dirty obsessions.I barely made it into the stall without an accident.

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I I headed back to the car leaving her to do her business.