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This fly is an articulated pattern (two hooks joined together) meant to imitate either a large baitfish or even midsize trout.

Wrap a thread base over the front third of the shank, then tie in a set of lead eyes with X-wraps about four eye lengths back from the hook eye. You want the eyes on the bottom of the shank so they don't invert the fly when you fish it.I like to fish these flies on a short, stout leader (0X) on the end of a sink tip line, or thrown at the banks from a drift boat or raft on a floating line and long leader.Big bites like this tend to really pull the monsters out, and even if a big giant fish only flashes this fly, once you know where he lives, you can develop a plan to get him to bite.Try to get a turn or two of the soft fluff at the base of the feathers on the shank as well.Tie the feathers off at the front of the hook and clip the excess.

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I also added a barred Zonker strip across the top of the fly, where Galloup's original is essentially two buggers wired together with a deer hair head on the front hook.