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Relationships & Dating will give brothers perspective and clarity on dealing with their own relationships and dating habits; this will be broken into three sessions: Love, Broken Hearts and Fight or Flight? Sexuality will be a free-flowing, lunchtime discussion about sex, open to everyone.

Health & Wellness will give the Black Gay man insight and information about health issues in the Black Gay community.

Are you disheartened by the barrage of cultural messages exhorting you to lose weight, get in shape, dress better and try harder – in other words, fix yourself – if you ever want to find lasting love? The number of single people seeking real love is huge..even the explosion of new dating apps and websites isn't changing that. Ken Page, LCSW, acclaimed author of the bestselling book, has a game-changing answer: The true key to finding and keeping soulmate love doesn't lie in your looks, age, charm or confidence. Sadly, we have all been handed the wrong map to love!

Most dating strategies instruct you to improve your “packaging” (to create a pleasing but inauthentic facade to “make” others love you), to play hard to get, or to seduce someone into a relationship.

Our goals are ambitious, but attainable, and worthy of our ancestors' sacrifice.

The Black Gay Men's Network is a product of the Black AIDS Institute's Gay Men's Retreat originated by its founder Phill Wilson and other Black gay men close to the Institute who saw the need to build the individual and collective power of Black gay men as resources to ensure the survival of the Black community.

The Network is committed to promoting the active participation of self-actualized Black Gay Men in all aspects of community life.

Spirituality will discuss the following questions: How do I live a full life and reconcile my religion & sexuality? Finances will discuss such topics as Budgeting & Planning, Donations & Volunteering and Succession Planning, among other vital financial issues.

and How do we address the stigma and shame of homosexuality in the Black community? Politics will address the questions of Are We Equal? The Black Gay Men's Network draws its strength from Black gay men around the world who are committed to creating soulful, loving connections with other Black gay men to transform our society, improve our health status, and make the social change we seek.

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