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Additions, changes, and deletions made to parameters on a report or shared dataset can affect the cache refresh plan.

If you add a parameter with a default value for a report, remove a parameter, or change the data type or the read-only option for a shared dataset parameter, the changes take affect the next time the cache refresh plan is processed.

Parameters must conform to the requirements specified in the parameter properties on the report server.

For example, if the property Allow Blank is false for a report parameter, an empty string is not a valid value.

This parameter is called @Action If you write the query as written above then click save, the Query input dialogue will prompt you for some parameter values in order to parse and verify the query.

In a multi-select Parameter for SSRS (2008), I want the default state of an input parameter to be such that one option is unchecked while all others are checked.

Like in the image that follows: Is there any way in SSRS that this can be accomplished?

If the shared dataset definition specifies the option Omit from query for a parameter, you do not need to provide a default value.

This flag indicates that the dataset parameter is not used in the query.

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You can then modify the refresh plan options and save the plan with a new description.

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