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Tean dating abuse stores

One big problem is that many teens are not taught what a healthy relationship is.In a healthy relationship, both partners are equal.Remember: no one deserves any kind of abuse, so if you feel like you’re in danger you absolutely have the right to call 911.In Brevard County, there are several local resources available for help, housing, or counseling, including the Womens’ Center, the Salvation Army, 211 Brevard, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office or Serene Harbor.Neither person has authority over the other and both partners are free to live their own lives.That’s not to say people in a health relationship can’t disagree.Controlling behavior can happen by a phone call or though social media by Facebook with an online message or post.

Unhealthy relationships can consist of excessive jealousy, making fun or insulting you, intimidation, overly controlling personalities, isolating you from family or friends, abuse to children or animals, those who always criticize or are continually negative, or playing the victim card.

Her patience surpassed most and she had empathy for all living beings.

Her acceptance of others and caring soul, was infectious to all who came in contact with her.

• National Dating Abuse Helpline: 1-866-331-9474 facebook.com/loveisrespect In February 2007, this site was launched and became a project of the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

It was the first 24-hour resource for teens who were experiencing dating violence and abuse and is the only teen helpline serving all of the United States and its territories.

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• Womens Law.org: you can look up information by state on laws and restraining orders.