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Today we use the Gregorian calendar, which is a refinement of the Julian calendar.Before Julius Caesar’s reform, no correcting adjustments were made to the calendar.However, when the Gregorian calendar corrections are applied to the Julian date of October 23, 4004 BC, we get the Gregorian date September 21, 4004 BC, which is the normal day for the autumnal equinox.Is there any way that we can verify Ussher’s date for creation?His detailed calculations cover over 100 pages in the original document.Nowhere in your Bible does it say that the day of creation was October 23.

To simplify the calculations, Ussher ties the chronology to the final deportation of Judah in 584 BC.

Archbishop James Ussher was a highly educated and well-respected historian who devoted his life to defending the Christian faith.

Ussher meticulously researched the secular accounts of history and found that the Bible correlated with them.

However, a year of 365 days is too short, and one of exactly 365.25 days is too long.

They had to drop days from it every now and then to keep the seasons from drifting.

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Even James Ussher (1581-1656), the famous and respected Archbishop of Ireland in the seventeenth century, is today greatly ridiculed for declaring that the world was created in 4004 BC.

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