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“I never imagined oyster okonomiyaki would become such an invaluable tourist attraction.”In October, the group created a “Kaki-oko Gold Badge” to be given to anyone who eats Kaki-oko at all the restaurants on the map.

A week later, a man from Kanagawa Prefecture became the first recipient of the badge.

They are currently Red‐listed as vulnerable globally, and endangered in the north‐east Atlantic.

One person even flew from Tokyo to a nearby airport and then caught a taxi to come and sample the local treat.“Tourists turn up even though they have to spend a lot more than the price of okonomiyaki just to get here,” Kawahira said.

The group also advised restaurants to place chairs for customers queuing outside.

The group’s work is far from done–it is also considering innovating some speciality souvenirs of the district related to the Kaki-oko.

Okayama Prefecture boasts the nation’s third-largest harvest of cultivated oysters following Hiroshima and Miyagi prefectures.

Hinase accounts for more than half of the prefecture’s oyster harvest.

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As a consequence, it is not known whether populations are recovering or are at a fraction of their historical, pre‐fishing biomass.

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