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Even though you might have just installed/upgraded Fedora, there will most probably be packages available for update.After all Fedora is the one to always use the latest releases of each software it has and package updates are released quite often.If you are a Fedora fan, I’m sure that you know that Fedora 26 has been released and we are closely following it ever since, Fedora 26 came with many new changes that you can view in their official release announcement page.In this guide, we will show you some useful tips on what to do after installing Fedora 26 Workstation to make it even better.

Here, we will not going to discuss much about pretty, and transient hostnames classes, our main motive is to set system hostname, so here we go…

To complete the install, you will need to run the commands below in a terminal.

Only run the command that is related to the desktop environment that you wish to use: Often we use archives in our daily routines.

To add Google’s repo to your Fedora installation, use the following commands: Docky is a simple, attractive and productive dock used on many different Linux distribution.

Docky doesn’t use much system resources and yet it improves your productivity while looking good on your screen.

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Fedora 26 uses Gnome 3.24 which is the latest version of the gnome-shell desktop environment.

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