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Media Wiki: Sidebar defines the navigation bar, which provides links to the most important locations in the wiki and supplies site administrators with a place to add a persistent collection of links.

Note: If you have to create a new page, you will be presented with the default content for the sidebar in the editor.

To customize the Media Wiki: Sidebar on a wiki, you need first to be logged in with a user that has the editinterface permission - for administrators this is enabled by default.

For more advanced translation, see Help: Extension: Translate/Unstructured element translation.

The sidebar can be fully customized by implementing Java Script or Cascading Style Sheets, or by editing the PHP files directly.

The order can be changed (in Media Wiki 1.13 ) by adding special keywords (SEARCH, TOOLBOX and LANGUAGES) to Media Wiki: Sidebar using the heading syntax.

For example, the following code moves the search box to the top of the sidebar: You can translate the strings, which you use, by editing the according pages in the Media Wiki namespace.

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Each message overridden in this way must be explicitly given, for example to let the sidebar link to versions given by the content language for the main page and the portal page add the following to The toolbox, which appears under the search bar, is a dynamic element and cannot be easily customized without the use of skinning extensions (otherwise it requires programming in PHP.) If you still want to do so, you can copy , creating a new skin.