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They probably want to get into young Sarah was Debs reply.With that they approached Deb and Sally, can we buy you two pretty ladies a drink? Looking at each other with a giggle they both replied sure why not.Deb replied yours sounds sexy; I will probably wear my kinky Police woman outfit Sounds hot, are you coming over for a drink before we go out? Yes sweet heart Ill be at yours for seven oclock was Debs swift answer.Hanging up the phone Deb began her preparation for what she hoped would be a fun flirty night.

As Debs group moved from bar to bar, each bar threw up new blokes trying there luck, there seemed to be two blokes that followed the girls to each bar.

On with the skirt, then tying the blouse under her tits, with the final touch being her police hat.

Tucking a pair of handcuffs into her skirt and a quick twirl of the plastic truncheon Deb was ready to go to Sallys.

Pulling up outside the bar, both girls jumped out the car, with Sally giving Steve a peck on the cheek his last words he heard was dont wait up.

Moving into the bar Deb and Sally met up with the rest of their friend, some nine girls in all, wearing various fancy dress outfits some plain, other sexy but the two hottest were Deb then Sally by far.

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As the night progressed all the girls were flirting and getting fairly pissed, none more so than Sally and Deb.

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