Who is jc chasez dating now

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Who is jc chasez dating now

Jc and Stacy decided to call it quits for a while so to get JC off her back, Stacy introduced JC to her room mate Bobbi. Where You Have Seen Bobbi: Bobbi played the doctor in the I Drive Myself Crazy Video.

That unfairly cast a shadow over Chasez, who was arguably the pillar that kept their music floating high on the charts thanks to his pristine vocals.

While you let the fact that JC Chasez just turned 40(!

) soak in, we have some less depressing news to report.

JC Chasez is currently in a on again and off again relationship with Bobbi Thomas.

Yes, she is the doctor in the I Drive My Self video. Name: Roberta Jo Grund Thomas Age:26 Location: Bobbi was a student at a college in Los Angelas ( UCLA I think but I am not for sure).

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JC and Bobbi have been dating for the last 2 years. But she now lives in New York Job: Bobbi writes a advice column for teeny magazine J-14 called Bobbee'z Buzz.

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