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Who is taylor lautner dating lily collins

He has been in nine celebrity relationships averaging approximately 1.3 years each. Here are some real ones, and I'll keep it gay-relevant since it's Datalounge.Another notable role was at age 13 in the Robert Rodriguez film "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl" (3-D, 2005).Prior to acting, he won three Junior World Championships in various karate forms.

Goop's dismal collapse as an actress and even in her dating life.

Remember when Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were supposedly an item, but all those gay rumors kept dogging the male Taylor?

Well now female Taylor has moved on to relationship with another suspected ‘mosexual, Jake Gyllenhaal, with the regularly appearing “citizen paparazzi” photos of coffee dates and casual strolls to prove they’re an item!

They told us at Central Casting "Trust us, you do NOT want to get in a twitter war" with a certain GLEE producer. after 11 months of prison with about 200 dicks sucked in return for a lot of crack, you know there’s a totally different reality and that Downey is fascinating to watch. Plenty of famous, richer men DL doesn't care about (like Bono, who's boring anyway). Especially if "she" has being a drug-dealer as part of her narrative."She" can throw out a few bones outing obvious closet cases but usually assures the Gays here that ALL of the hot men they hear "rumours" about are super-straight, and she's had sex with a few.

R122, when you can come up with a piece of gossip that has at least one foot set in reality, come back here and post it.

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Some of these are first hand, some are second: I can confirm the Lee Pace and Richard Armitage rumors. One day the producer called everyone to the set, cast, crew, makeup and hair people, craft services, everyone! He stood in the center of the floor with the two star actress standing on either side of him and said, "I am protecting these ladies and their careers.

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