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Windows xp sysprep error updating registry

In the [Unique Ids] section, specify the section name. If only a single item is specified in the [Unique Ids] section, ???

Use this switch for situations where you would want the Mini-Setup wizard to run, yet you do not want the SID to be regenerated.

When you change the motherboard or move your hard drive that has Windows XP installed to another computer, be prepared to get endless looping reboots or the famous blue screen of death (BSOD).

The error will usually be a STOP 7B error which is related to a problem with the hard drive controller.

During Setup, an existing FAT32 file system can be automatically converted to NTFS.

WARNING: Even if you select just one partition before selecting "NTFS", you will end up formatting the entire drive and all partitions on that physical drive.

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The recovery console or even Safe Mode isn’t usable because Windows can’t boot anything without the correct software for the controller.

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