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Hugo by Hugo Boss is a staple in my vast fragrance collection. The soft scarf around your neck feels nice as it moves with the wind.

Most people are not like us here at fragrantica with 30 ( ) bottles of fragrances, multiple for every occasion and mood :) And I would rather smell this on someone than some AXE deo or something like that.. scent : 10/10 sillage : 7/10 longevity :7/10 90% day / 10% night fragrance nice mint and apple scent one of my old fragrances, a masterpiece by boss, one of my best scent on the summer, the apple was obvious (who hate green apples ) Haters gonna hate but Hugo Boss Hugo is greatest summer male fragrance of all times. On chest and 1back of neck and it would be enough for 16 hours. mint also gives this fresh start a green feel and with help of some citruses, increases the freshness of the scent.

Very sharp for the first two hours, pleasant for the next two hours after which it becomes too subtle to notice.

An easygoing, classic fresh scent that performs great in the spring and summer months.

Another high quality release from Hugo Boss, and one that I don't see talked about too often.

Perhaps because it was a 1995 release that was quickly overshadowed a few years later by the release of Boss Bottled. The first few minutes of the opening are fruity sweet (apple and mint), but even the opening sweetness is heavily shaded with the dominant "green spice" accord that is the real signature of this fragrance.

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