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A hitherto unknown sphincter, sealed and hidden through calcification, had ruptured open within the altar chamber.

Exploration of the chamber led to the discovery of the body of a human male.

SCP-2095 did however suffer some structural damage but proved to be a serendipitous event.SCP-2095 was easily secured and construction of Reliquary Site-26 was completed by 12/09/1949.1200 goats 300 pigs [fragment missing] Our Sacred Legion: 3000 Adytite faithful 500 Thracian faithful, including 12 ["storm-beasts"? ] 400 Sardinian mercenaries 250 Kaskian faithful 100 Caphtor conspirators - can their loyalty be trusted when they so easily betrayed their own?Found inside was a single well-preserved scroll, strewn carelessly and likely never meant to be contained within.Deduced to be a letter, it is believed to have been written by the ruling authority at SCP-2095 but had been unsent, possibly due to events directly referenced within.

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He sings songs of anarchy but they will not come again.