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Uk dogging diy dating

No names, but named after a planet in the solar system if you look it up. I’d had a couple of encounters there in the past, but hadn’t been there for ages.

I walked along the river and over the bridge, and made my way down the path that leads to the woods. It was a great start to the holiday, but my pal had got in tow with a really hunky guy and I didn't see her until the end of the holiday, when she came to collect her case.

One night I took Karen out for a drink and as I was driving it she wanted to have a good drink and encouraged by me because it gets her horny and she'll do just about anything I ask her.I had mentioned it to my pal John as we sat drinking cos he was a taxi driver.I knew he fancied my wife and said it would be a great chance to pick her up after she's been drinking all night and he can see if he can tap her.She came into the kitchen and following was kevin, now to say my heart raced was an understatement, she explained that he too had been talking to her about the weekend and he suggested we should sit down and chat about it as he left fast after. Although we haven’t swapped or anything like that I let Wendy indulge in a little fetish of hers. Not all are practical when making a kind of risk assessment, but if there is an element of risk it is that we do not offend anyone but can enjoy sex outdoors or in.We sat down and poured a drink and sat there waiti… My wife Karen has had a bit extra cock off friend John in his taxi since we got married and finds it exciting as long as I approve. She has this thing about letting guys wank themselves over her. Jayne is my wife, but we have been separated for a year now, I refer to my earlier earlier story on the 19th March, Jayne became a bar tender of a cricket club where she ended up serving more than drinks to 8 of the members including the West Indian professional, the new season has now started and Jayne is back working 3 evenings a week plus weekends, and have very much taken up where she left of as their little fuck doll, whilst joe is not livin… A few weeks after our discussions and Ann’s confession, it was a Friday afternoon and I am heading home when I received a text from Ann telling me her and Chris were going out dogging that night, did I want to know where so I could go and watch?? she told me they were going to a well known dogging area near thetford in Norfolk, they had heard it was a good spot and the guys and girls were friendly and non pushy. now my wife has a lover and I am obviously quite relaxed about that, having introduced them in the first place and either partaken in threesomes or been the lucky phot… Having read Jay’s recount of the night in part 1 and the comments on it, I thought it only right that I should write this next episode to give a balanced view and my perspective on the night.

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We were both very keen to meet, but there was the small matter of the four hour drive that separated us, and she … I have just wanked myself off re living last night. We'd often talked about my other half doing 'stuff' with other people and although she got turned on by talking about things, I don't think we ever thought anything would happen.

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